Welcome to 37 Acres RV & Campground








37 Acres RV & Campground is a locally owned business that has 18 seasonal and 11 summer rental sites available.  There are 6 Campsites for tents available with fire pits.


*** PLEASE NOTE: Wi-Fi will be available soon**




*** Additional parking for extra trailers is available: i.e.: auto trailers, heavy equipment trailers, etc. ***


Please contact Patrick at 320.360.5093 or email at pmprozinski@gmail.com for reservations.

RV Seasonal/Summer Sites

Located off Green Prairie Fish Lake

Green Prairie Fish Lake is an 180 acre lake just three miles outside of the Main Gate at Camp Ripley, MN.  There is a public lake access and a public beach approximately a mile away from the campground.  Easy access to campsites for large scale RV’s from off of State Highway 115.  Ample parking for vehicles, trailers, boats, etc.


* Water, electricity and sewer full hookups for seasonal rentals

* Water and electricity for summer rentals, along with a dump site for sewer

* On site bathroom along with a standing shower

* On site compost bin

* Firewood available on site for purchase

***ADA compliant campground***


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